Monday, May 25, 2015

Thursday, May 21st 2015-Pittsburgh to Alaska

The Maharg Family is off again on an adventure. The days leading up to it had a flavor of frenzy because Lydia has decided to take a job and remain here for four months.
FOUR MONTHS IN ALASKA!!!!!! Her travel buddy got a job and offered to ask the boss if my sister could have a job at the same place for summer. She was accepted, of course! therefore her unpacking in PA had a rapid turnaround time.
I told my students its a good thing I care about them, or I would surely join. So they had better practice since I will be stuffing myself into a plane to come back and listen to their music. (Despite the effort practicing is surely going to suffer while I'm away. but the break in lessons was not mourned or argued that's for sure). But anyways, back to Lydia. The recent graduate of Penn State University is taking a suitcase roughly the size of a small wale to go work at a resort just outside of Denali National Park. This place has draft horses who take people on covered wagon tour. She will be part of the group who takes care of the horses and leads the tours. I could not be more proud!

Departure from Zelienople-5:30AM
  Departure from Pittsburgh-7:45
Arrival in Houston 11:00 (four hour flight, time adjustment)
      Departure from Houston 16:30 -delayed due to a monsoon accompanied with thunder and lightning
Arrival in Anchorage at 20:00 !!! (seven hour flight)
Our exhaustion was forgotten when we saw mountains from the plane window. Luggage retrieved, car rented and we bounced from the airport! by nearly 21:00 the sky was bright and the sun was warm. Anchorage is a city at the foot of the Chugach mountains. The city's western view dominated by these giants to the east. (i think). Apparently these magnificent peaks are usually still snow capped this time of year. Due to the shortage of snow, the concern  is not enough ground water recharge! The question remains how this deficit will be made up. If that' important down in Anchorage, we are told it is even more important up in Fairbanks, with its even drier environment! It is in that northern area that the conifer grows, a tree whose cones that need to catch on fire to regerminate.
We stayed at a little comfortable hotel near the airport. Mom dove into bed, pulled the blind over the window and strapped her face mask over her eyes, and went to sleep.
Lydia, Dad, and I stumbled into town to eat at Humpy's (a much heard of place). and tried our first Alaskan Amber beer. (a new favorite). That was all it took to tuck us into bed that night!
While going back to the hotel at 23:30, the sun had finally set at 23:12,  and a deepening twilight set in with a thin moon high in the sky. The mountains had faded into purple smudges in the dark, and there was a brief five hours of dark for the earth to rest beneath.

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