Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday, May 21st

   This cute little town is very much like the kinds you find on the coast of Massachusetts, Newberry port style.  It was one of our rare blue sunny days, and everyone took the lead to eat outside. This area has managed to combine tourism and relaxation  with the fishing industry. Next door to the restaurants in the harbor is the warehouse where they process the fish that are being unloaded off the boats that dock there.
While watching a boat embark on the leaving process,  I saw a large grey shape in the water. I meandered casually (in a fast footing, power walking sort of a way) towards the edge when a sea lion popped its head above the water. It had an intelligent look in its eyes as it assessed us as we excitedly leaned over the side. He tilted his head and consulted us as if to say “well, don’t you know? You’re supposed to be tossing me fish”.  Animals, of all kinds, beg.  He floated above water a bit longer while Lydia and I squealed excitedly before gracefully disappearing in the water. Long paragraph , short summery…sea lions up close are very exciting!!
We are staying at the Deer Park Lodge, a serious hotel on a golf course that overlooks the ocean. We took no part of the pool, gym, or spa here-but the concept felt relaxing.

     Drove in (intense with traffic, though cheaper than the train for the4 of us. Just something to note if traveling there).
     We headed for Grafton street, the shopping hub. There was a mix of tourist paraphernalia shops, and fashion displays everywhere.
            Dinner at The Cornucopia…a vegetarian, vegan, healthy place that (after tons of fish and chips) was quite welcome.
Temple Bar

      Everyone talks about this area and this street like it is the South Side of Dublin, like it is the epicenter of Irish pubs.  After traveling around so much, it was a bit of a let down when it comes to Ireland. It is so full of tourists that the advantage becomes you can meet people from all over the world in one location.
 The actual Temple Bar had good music that was lively and entertaining. Standing room only that became barely breathing room, but good for the sake of music and people. When we went to another pub, we got a good laugh at one of the overplayed pub songs that NOBODY IN THE AUDIENCE KNEW! Don’t get me wrong, even the overplayed songs are embraced by us in a fun and spirited way.

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