Thursday, May 9, 2013


 The gate into Red Square! somewhere there was a picture of taken of me standing on the other side, at the exact latitude "0" of Moscow (ie: so when someone says...i live 50km north of Moscow, that point is where they are referencing from). One makes a wish and throw a coin over your shoulder! They used to hold parades going through here.
 Mother daughter!!! it was chilly, but this is us outside of St. Basil church! designed by Ivan the terrible who would demand architects make a design..if they didn't present one, he would kill them. If they did give him a building blueprint, and he did not like it, he would also kill them. 7 different church chapels put together and represented by a seperate onion shapped top. We did not go inside, but the outside is colorful and lovely

in the subway.. all kinds of statues (depending on where you are). This one of a German soldier and his dog. I am rubbing the dogs nose, where the brass is rubbed bright and shiny from the many people who have touched the nose, or hip, for good luck!

We stayed at a Baptistery overnight before coming home. It was like dorm style rooms rented out when they are not used for students. favorite room..the kitchen. where we sipped tea and de-compressed with the team the night before we left. 

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