Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9th 2013-The Maharg Family Vacation to Ireland!

    This will be my first time blogging while traveling with my Mom, Dad and Sister! It is exciting, and adds a new dynamic.
Two most valuable things I have packed: my patience and my sense of humor.

We have been saving for this forEVER! and after planning and planning and planning (mostly on mom's part) and then supported by Lydia. (I shamelessly passed the torch on this one. I cannot make decisions for 3 other people who all have very high opinions on what they want in this trip). Mom has been the champion of organizers, the hound after all information, and the most driven human being I have seen when it comes to leaving a house clean and polished.

It was good when we finally took our 4 tiny suitcases(three of which were carry on siize to ensure they would be able to fit in the car we will rent) and our carry-ons and headed out. the mood was light. the lines were short.

6 Hour Layover in Boston.
we prioritized and set out to make a quick stop at Mike's Pastry while getting dinner before checking in for our next flight. We bolted from the airport so quick, we forgot to grab a map. So we simply asked along the way.
very good choices. We fast footed it up to the Northern End, and bought dessert before finding dinner (chocolate chip cannoli, amareto cannoli, almond Macaroon, and a deliecious light, flaky, sweet dessert that I could not hear the exact name of. It won the vote of the favorite) The boxes were packed and we took our dessert to go.

   Dinner was at a randomly selected italian place, just a block down, right hand turn on the left hand side. It was set up exactly like Italia...and there was gnocci on the menu. The owner, a lady who had moved here with her family at the age of 6 and been working at the restaurant for 30+ years was sitting at the empty table greeted us. We got to hear about how it used to be growing up in that area, where everyone knew everyone. And her mother would ask the neighbor where she was and they would point to the direction they went it. Everyone was always outside and in the doorways..and the bad people never got anywhere, because you could recognize an outsider that quick. she talked of the family, and introduced us to each waitress, some of whom were "North ender gals" Before we left, we saw them all excitedly welcoming one and her 3 mo. old baby. It was extremely Italian and wonderful to get to talk to her, and her husband.
plus...the gnocci in the alfredo sauce was PERFECT. i have not tasted gnocci like that since i came back. Each little bite was a potato pasta mouthful of cheese saturated heaven.

Made it back to the airport, and are now awaiting take-off for Dublin.
Thoughts thus far: good food, and fast walking in a great city like Boston make flights much more bearable.
Also,  one doesn't need a map just the ability to make friends.  This is comforting. 

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