Thursday, February 28, 2013

monday, Feb 25th -The Beginning of the Shortest Week of the Year

Breakfast at the hotel. Did I mention the buck wheat porridge ? rather tasty actually. Especially when a sugar cube is melted in it, or jam stirred in as well. There are also pancakes, that are very much like plain crepes. And besides jelly, I cannot figure out what else one can add to it that is sweet. Also, the other kind of pancakes are small little round thick pancakes, three of them, smaller than the palm of my hand. Served with sour cream I think? Though I slather them with jelly too, which makes them very good. Also optional are hard boiled eggs or a slice of bread with slices of cheese or salami. And countless cups of tea! So many because the cups are rather small, in my very biased opinion at least.
                Grocery shopping before going to the center. For lunch and the dinner that we will prepare. Lunch was the same as before, with sliced bread, cheese and salami. Then chocolate and cookies (the cookies which were almost like thick crackers). And tea a-plenty!
                A brief lull before people began trickling in. Mom had her lesson prepped, based off of Max Lucado’s children stories. She summarized and shortened them since those in her activity were single gals with children. Ages 2-4. So the attention span was limited. She then had a craft set up to go along with the activity. Powdered paint had water added and the colors were set up on the tables for us to help them with. Three translators short for the whole team kept everybody hopping.
                Then I gave my talk. A brief discussion of nutrition and healthy weight loss, focusing on not skipping meals and working out instead. Then talked about the benefits of exercising. Reasons for the cardio, and explanations/examples of cardio exercise. Ditto for weights. Then I took the girls (which started as four and ended up with around 10 I think) into the little cramped, little, weight room. The whole time they were silent and attentive, which I beleive counts as interest. No questions or comments. Participation mirrored this approach as well. (meaning there was none). I showed them how to work the machines and a couple simple at home exercises. All the while I put a lot of emphasis on the fact that I will be here for the rest of the week, so please feel free to come in, and I will go in with them into the weight room (aka: The Boy’s Room) and go over things with them.  This is all very new to them, so simply introducing the concepts was a good step J or so I’m told.
By the end of the day, dinner was prepared by the directors (who thought that salad and hot dogs and bread was not enough and sent us out for buckwheat).  26 people were served this first day.  Look for a posting of the small kitchen, and realize the organization this feat took.
                Upon returning to the hotel, we walked to the mall just two parking lots over (treacherous in the dark and on the uneven ice that had permanent ruts from cars carving into it with the tires, along with other drop offs and slopes. I compared it to what walking on the moon would feel like). There were some of the kids from the center there, who heard we would be coming so they stopped by and hung around.
                Group meeting at the hotel, and was asleep before I hit the bed. Luckily, indoors here are very well heated, so being cold was not a problem in the slightest. (although I came prepared. Quick learner this one.). 

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