Friday, February 22, 2013

Febuary 22 2013-departure from Pit


Traveling to a  area just east of Moscow Russia. This time with a company of 7! (nearly as good as the Fellowship of the Ring’s company of 9). What makes this group even better is that my mother is among the group! I have grown up my entire life hearing stories of my mother’s travels around the world, her miracles and the things she has seen. I have been blessed to continue and add my own stories to her, able to not quite follow her path, but at least crisscross it a little.
Finally, we get to go on a journey together! J
We have yet to get on the plane and already God is making this trip something big. Even as just a demonstration of how very important faith really is…because so far faith in His plan (not ours. That’s for sure)  has carried the last details of the trip to come together at the last minute (despite careful planning) .
It started with the team. This team of seven has been deliberately hand picked for this trip.  We began as 9, and I was  on the fence, wobbling precariously on my decision to go. Within a week, the last week before mailing out our passports, four members had nonnegotiable situations come up that prevented them from being able to go (though their hearts were willing). I was suddenly really needed, and that was enough of a calling for me to feel God intended me to be there. He’s opened all the doors and windows leading me forward since.
We gained two more people, one of whom was sitting in church two weeks later and suddenly felt that, perhaps, she should go to Russia with this group sometime. Casually, she mentioned  this to Lise in an unexpected bump in, that she had this little nudge to sometime (not now, really) to go.
The next day, her paperwork was being processed along with the rest of ours, which had not been processed yet and was sitting on the director’s desk out west. The other fellow that joined is the tall, calm type. A wonderful ballast.
Beyond that, the Visas alone have been an out of control experience. Our team leader’s visa did not have a page to be put on in her passport. The extra mailing and transversing across the country created a delay, that took some seriously hounding, and tracking, and pestering of people at desks.  With everything rushed and express mail sent. It would get her passport there the morning we were to depart (that would be this morning). 
The rest of the team’s visas were delayed on someone’s desk, then not marked to be priority mail. while intended to be in our hands the beginning of LAST week, we did not receive them until YESTERDAY (the 21st) at 4 in the afternoon.  Our team leader got her’s yesterday morning.
Way before the morning of departure. We did not have to wait on the delivery van before leaving for the airport.
The director of the organization is bringing our funding to pay for our car rentals/hotels/meals etc. to meet us at the airport in JFK. However, he is flying standby. We found out this morning that his flight was 25 people overbooked.  Anyone who understand flying standby knows that this is a very very bad thing.
However we got the text once through security that both him and his daughter had gotten on the plane and are on the way.
The weather driving to the airport was supposed to be icy, sleeting, freezing disaster.
It was drizzly and safe roads the whole way, no delays in sight for departure.
The amount of people praying is astounding. And it has all come together perfectly.

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