Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb 25.13 assorted pics from the week

(Pictures from the first day) most pics are spread throughout the team, because whoever has the camera takes the pic. so...there may not be many, and they will be out of order (with lots at the end once Im home)

Buildings near the Izmailova Market, just outside the city of Moscow

                                                LUNCH! ate salmon at the shishkabob place :)
                                                              Mom and me :)
*puts goggles on and thumbs up* adventure is out there!
 tilt your head sideways! i don't know how to adjust this, and the internet is so slow...I don't care to find out.
Mom doing her program for young mothers with their kids. educational/developmental games :)
 hanging out in the hallway!

 snapped from the car. check out that orthodox church! it's new since most were torn down...
When there are not enough weights/machines...take a log, add handles, and do the exercises together as a group. Tada. the more brutal the exercise the more they advertised it. 

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