Monday, February 6, 2012

China :)

When you get God involved, one tends to be hurtled farther then imagined.

Now, this location is going to be a little more ...closed off...then previous countries. websites (such as this) may or may not be available. and perhaps in an abbreviated form.

Here's a vague idea of how I ended up hopping on board a miserably long flight to Guiyang China
Mid January: mom gets a return e-mail from some friends welcoming me to their home
Jan 26th: friend with inside loop informs me, if I'm going to leave the country, I need to return by the end of feb. flights open. cost...effective
spend weekend with Lydia, my lovely sister who just turned 19. We danced. we sang. we ate too...
I returned, researched travel/costs.
Tuesday (Jan 31) sent out for my visa to China. This is no small feat! it took 2 and a half hours! two different Walgreen (both Zelie's and Cranberry's were jammed or out of chemicals to print) AAA was closed until 10am and the goal was to get it out before then. Rite Aide-twice (the pic printed may or may not have been too light) and the cranberry post office= 3x.

and then...I waited. It was like a emotional limbo. physical too. I need to learn to just roll with things, take it easy. I have a friend really good at that. the aspirations I have are great...
this approach was vaguely reflected in vaccination fest friday! that followed extensive calling to old pediatrician, new doctor, CDC, Allegheny County Health Department, new doctor again..a nice extensive hang out in a waiting room. THEN two separate walgreens before I landed with a lovely nurse practitioner. with whom I did not hyperventilate at all. but may have exhibited exceptional yoga type breathing.

Monday, Feb 6-visa received. flights booked.
and then...the proof that freaking out makes you dumber than a door-nail (bless her heart). because I misread the flight information and somehow imagined the entire rotation of the sun going the OPPOSITE direction.
3 am and without much pinching, flights are fixed:) and all that I have left to pack is shampoo!

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