Sunday, July 10, 2011

To fight Culture Shock...

Top Ways to Fight Culture Shock!

After being home over a month, I compiled this list. It is mostly just activities that I have enjoyed while back in Western P.A. It is important to note the good things.

1.Go for a run, by yourself. Preferable in the middle of the day when it is supposed to be hot…but feel proud of yourself for only dripping a little sweat.

2. Bust a move in the middle of the grocery store. Appreciate the lack of contact as your spinning hands touch absolutely nothing but air.

3. Take in the green leafy beauty surrounding you, breathe in the sweet clean air, appreciate the big yards and all the space separating buildings. Love the empty blue sky.

4. Realize, I live in a mansion. Note the simplicity of taking an unplanned shower (meaning, don’t turn on the hot water 15 minutes before actual shower). Don’t get bored of the quiet.

5. Quasi move in with good friends! Whose mother will make fantastic food that remains in your body for more than 90 minutes!

6. Learn to chicken wrangle. Tackling chickens about to be sent to the butcher is a nod in the direction of fresh chicken, without the visual of limp, dead chickens with their feathers freshly plucked and eyes sometimes shut. Also, the giggles you get while cornering these fat pieces of soon to be frozen protein will add to the amusement of your day.

7. Fix a fence by moonlight. It encourages determination, a little innovation, and some courage to go into the dark field where the coyotes live. Again, it is also amusing. Especially as the flashlight dies.

8. Study late at said friend’s house. Jet lag gets kicked in the face. And the dog’s nose in your chin will ensure waking up before it gets too late.

9. Learn to pet baby chicks with Vicious Mama Banty Hen around. Fuzzy chicks are cute. And Mama Hen will be glaring at you, clearly cussing you out. It teaches courage.

10. Become a human jungle gym to the goats. Little goats giving you love with heal your heart when you’re missing people. Bigger goats squishing you will make you feel needed and welcome unconditionally.

11. Ride a horse. Either alone. Bareback. Or double on a draft horse. It gives you a break from the world to recover and feel more like yourself.

12. Laugh. This is perhaps most important thing of all to do. It keeps you from feeling crazy. It makes everything feel better, even the in between moments are more manageable.

13. Learn to drive a tractor. Good general Know-How.

14. Join your family at a lake. Get a good book, sunglasses, a towel, and change into a bathing suit and appreciate the blue skies and sunshine on the dock.

15. Give and receive lots of hugs. Great for the heart. Great for the soul.