Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wednesday, may 25

Luke and I were joined by Jonathan and led by Ruwngni on what was destined to be a lunch adventure. He is notorious for such things, actually.

We went to the Tibetian Refugee Section…towards northern Delhi. We were dropped off by a bridge, I made like a shadow at high noon…becoming even closer to everyone in the group. Yes. To cross the street. At least I look the right way most of the time now.

We headed down a side street, which wound and twisted its way through the buildings. I don’t know how he knew where he was, or where he found this place. Because we stepped across draining puddles, around crumbling door steps. Squished into a doorway to allow a tibetian/Buddhist? Monk pass us in a tight part of the street. Also nearly lost my balance several times but proud to say, I never faceplanted. Which was exceptional considering the amount of head swiveling I was doing.

Dinner was behind another lobby inside a respectable looking building. Where did that come from?? We were seated in a small room, and I allowed Ruwngni to order for me, even welcoming something that could be vaguely disgusting, but un-orderable in the states.

Started with lime-soda-sweet! Very tasty and hydrating. Commonly found here, even on carts on the sidewalks. Then had Than Thuk! Which was a soup that could suffice as a meal. Lots of noodles and slices of random vegetables in a deliciouso broth! Managed to tackle eating it with chop sticks!

Next dish was beef with Tinsmo bread. The bread was not the usual flat, but puffy and large. Tear off a chunk of the bread and tuck the beef into the bread then pop into your mouth …yes it is super good!

Next..the mystery dish. I requested ignorance until post tasting. Upon delivery of the plates, I cursed knowledge. Thanks to anatomy and those obnoxious histology slides…I figured I was eating animals intestines, or stomach.

It was stomach, Lowa.Kinda chewy and a teensy funky flavor of unknown animal… but that could have been the way it was cooked.Had a cup of tea and some mouth freshener of sugar crystals and that herb that tastes like licorice.

Then came another surprising part. On the way over we saw all kinds of jewelry stands, and I of course wanted to check them out! Hold your breath here: the guys actually patiently waited! I felt really bad, but I was struggling because I did not want to just spend money. But at decision making, I clearly fail. Epically fail! But those guys were great! Thank goodness J

Jonathan bought and shared with each of us a piece of…well..not sure what it is…dehydrated cheese? Yak milk bones? It’s a hard little piece that You suck on it in your mouth until it dissolves. You can try to chew it…but breaking a tooth is not out of the question

I think it took me close to four hours to finish.

Accomplished. I feel.

Cross talk this evening:

The whole group circled around, listening to the lecture given by one of the leaders who is leaving to go to seminary in southern india.It was a fantastic message. About change actually. So it was really good! Especially for me who likes change as long as it’s temporary and things can go back to “normal” how I like them…good and comfortable.

Otherwise, change freaks me out.

But it’s funny how God has me in the middle of this new, very different city. And I have been certainly angsting in all kinds of ways about all the change that is going on. People graduating. My life. (not to sound selfish here..but it’s scary when it happens!)…and I unexpectedly got to hear this message targeted right towards that!

You cannot argue that it is anything but awesome. (although, slightly mind scrambling as a result).

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