Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thursday, May 26th

Thursday, May 26th

Went to the Delhi zoo!! This may sounds strangely mundane, I mean a captured tiger is a captured tiger if it is here or there right?

But I can’t remember the last time I was in a zoo and all the really cool animals that I was looking forward to seeing were actually out.

That and it seemed that a lot of the animals are naturally found in India.

So as we walked around, hot and sweaty in the sun…they were chilling in the shade starring back at us going “heh, they know nothing. This is a hot average mediocre day for us!”

Arrogant, haughty fur-balls.

Giddy, excited me! Slurping on mango juice and clicking away pictures, pacing the parameters of the fences to get a better look at some of the animals.

Ruwngni and Jonathan joined Luke and I again, which of course, made it even more fun.

Plus, they would point out better vantage point in order to see the animal more clearly.

Highlights: the tigers! They were so close, if it was in the wild…I would be slightly less excited and a great deal more concerned about my status as a snack.

Low points; the elephant sized headache I got afterwards. Whew! I guess all the enthusiasm stuck, but all the energy left faster than I thought once we finished. It was frustrating. But probably a necessary sign from my physical self that I needed to chill out a little bit. *rolls eyes*

Before returning home though, I got to try this light lunch. It is a rice based folded thing. Light, thin and crunchy with some potato mixture filling. And chutney to dip it in! I handled the “slight spice” rather well I thought. Don’t be fooled by the size…it’s mostly air.

Served hot from the…”grill” I suppose. Place your order than watch the chef spread the rice ish batter while you stand nearby. But not too close…. It’s crazy hot AND he has a fire lit up under the flat cooking it’s hot radiating into more hot on your hot skin before you eat the hot food. Theme feeling: hot visual: big animals, but wonderful to see!

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