Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22

Awesome day!
After church we were all invited to a going away party for one of the guys at the church who is headed to college in the U.S. to become a pastor. :)
it was a relief that I are finally recognizing people that I have been so busy meeting! They put blankets on the floor, so everyone could sit comfortably not on the hard floor.

I attempted lunch, and it was very good! His mom had prepared the food, and also baked a chocolate cake for which she is notoriously known...and ohmygawsh it was AMAZING!

the best part of the afternoon was everyone just relaxing and talking. I also got yanked into several group photos, with the girls posing and passing around cameras!
The people here are really amazing, extremely accepting and open to random people floating! I'm so blessed to get to spend time with this group of people!

We went to a baptism for three new people, though 4 of us arrived late because of a walk, then a metro ride, and an auto taking up more time. got the important part though!

The diminished group went to the India Gate to play football (*soccer*) because it was so cool out today!!! for once, i was not the one who was freezing!
it was so crowded there! tons of people were around, i thought at first, that it was a celebration of some type. but i was told it was due to it being a sunday, parents having off work to take their kids out, and the weather being so nice! ((note comparison of just me alone at the india gate and the one with me, some friends...and the crowds of people also there!)

they bought some inflated balls (that were being sold on the side of the walkway) for us to play with. very weird to kick around because they were so light. but i joined for a game..managing NOT to completely destroy my team mates with my lack of hand-eye-coordination. only played for a bit. Also a brief game of volleyball..with amusing techniques employed.
basically, an extremely chill, relaxing day. with encouragement to try ice cream and plenty of laughter.

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