Sunday, May 15, 2011

science rant

Microbiology has ruined my life

Seriously. I know knowledge is power. But all this knowledge has seemed to do is make me be super anal about things I can in no way control. oblivion may be bliss afterall

Like how dishes are washed…and say that as long as something is dry the bacteria is dead. WRONG! Maybe the parasites (which is good to be dead). But some of those darn little bacteria can stay alive for freakin WEEKS. luckily that bact isnt in the water, or is removed and killed by the hot water and soap. that's the story i'm sticking to anyways

This crossed my mind when I accidently rinsed my toothbrush from the faucet! Instead of using the bottle of good water I was given. What. An. Idiot.

This also crossed my mind while I breathed in the constant amounts of dust. Can I control the oxygen/dirt/ENDOSPORE intake? No. can it screw me up from the insides out anywayS? abso-freakin-lutely.

How about the way I now treat my hands like they could have feces from an infected ebola monkey on them? Because one touch of the wrong bus handlebar and it could be a very real encounter, that’s why.

I can remain attached to the filtered water all I want, I’m still being exposed to less than desired amounts of bacterium.

Now, for my immune system’s stellar function-ability! It may have failed me finals week…and week after. But that means it is in high gear now. I mean SWAT, bomb-squad, strategic defenses up….the whole nine-yards. I want my adaptive, humoral immune response to be as fast as my innate, but steroid version in strength. My body is totally capable at taking on these little infecting micro-evil-isms…… that, and a little faith and I’m adventure ready! Dag nabit.

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