Friday, May 13, 2011

safe arrival :)

Made it here (around noon your time) , safe and sound. Got off the airplane with as much momentum as possible in the long lines of people who were filing out. what a relief to NOT BE MOVING!
strode through the airport, looking like i knew where I was going. purposeful striding. head up, look of intent stamped on my face. made it through customs/passport check....biggest problem was figuring out what he was asking me. (luckily only a couple questions). Was not stopped by anybody else, and saw the wonderfully familiar faces of the Bennetts in the crowd of people who were waiting for others withs signs or waves. Having tall, white friends is very easy to spot in a crowd! and i guess I'm fairly easy to pick out too... i had a long sleeved, light jacket over my shirt, just in case. and long pants from the travel (as is standard here). but i still stick out (not because of my slightly red hair either....that may be the one thing that blends!) what a relief to be greeted by a bed and running water!!!!!
Mrs. Bennett had been cleaning and preping (much to the room's previous occupant's chagrin). I have little soap, toothpaste, and a place to put my things! really i was fine with the this is really fantastic.
never underestimate how wonderful it is to be welcomed into a house! given hugs, Shown where the refrigerator is, and safe water tank.

it was hot, and considered cool by anyone who lives there standards. today should be interesting...

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