Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23


waited until it "got cooler" by 4ish though today was rather nice outside! only reached 102 and not nearly as hazy as usual!

most of the dirt paths were in the shade of all kinds of different trees. gnarly ones, tall palm trees...names I couldn't pronounce even with the labels posted.
There was a pond, in a vivid green shade. and different kinds of birds chirping both from around the water and in the trees.
it was a lovely walk! nice and slow, with random ruins throughout the park. Including a few tombs, that were in the center. we meandered slowly and i was "giddy on green". The tombs were pretty interesting. Domed shaped buildings, some pillars around, decoration in the stone.
the best part was probably when we followed some little kids up a teeny stairway that came up on the roof of one of the sides that branched from the center dome. There was a light breeze up there, and the sunshine felt soft and warm. Plus, there was actual, real, blue sky! a rare sighting, since it is usually hazy and the blue is obscured by the dust that seems to be a permanent part of the atmosphere.
A very nice excursion accompanied by both Luke and Joel!

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