Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday 19th and Saturday 20th

No plans = i plauge Mr. and Mrs. Bennett on whatever they intend on doing.
luckily, shopping is something i a skilled at, and Ms Dawn was only too happy to show me the good stores. Only bought one dress/long shirt. took a lot of willpower.

They took me to a restaurant with south indan food at the mall (so it's safe!) very tasty. very spicy! got a mango drink...psych! it was green mango..possibly blended with spices of it's own. wasnt bad, just very sour and very unique. like a spin off of a margarita, only without the alcohol.

the waiters were very kind, holding in the long bench seat that skidded across the slippery floor for me. and explaining things on the menu, and what the food was that we were eating.
I was too full to finish! which was a disappointment because the least spicy stuff I got to last in the meal. That, or i'd lost all taste due to spice...
starting at the top, with the appetizer and working your way around, mixing the sauces and such with the rice in the center!

grocery shopping after, which was interesting as well. At the one place you "check in" any empty bags you bring, and get a little square that you hand in after getting your groceries to redeem them for bags, so you don't have to pay.
Lots and lots of works scattered every other isle in order to assist and help with anything and everything. One would think it is annoying...but if you are like me, and can take five minutes to spot desired item on crowded shelf... then it is rather nice and handy.

in the center of the store was a rice and grain station. with huge bins of all different kinds of rice/grains. big seeds, little ones, black ones, brown ones, white ones. whew!!

Home for a relaxing evening and extended nap. Ms Dawn takes her time while shopping (but i entertained myself well)

.... then spent the rest of the night hustling to and from the bathroom as everything i'd eaten in the week?!?! quickly and speedily left my system

adventuring cancelled due to sudden reliance on a toilet. Accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Bennett to the embassy in the afternoon just to go somewhere (that fulfilled the requirement of an actual toilet available...difficult to go anywhere with that support to stipulation involved).
Quick stop to a tea shop someone had heard about where i picked up just a couple of the teas i had tried at the High Tea at the Imperial Hotel...ones that are a big deal here :) The owner of the shop was very interesting, and explained the different teas (green/black) how to brew them (the lighter the tea the less hot the water) and if the tea is usually taken with milk and sugar (like the black teas) or just honey and/or saffron (like the green teas).

home just in time. My intestines might have left this here body. (not to be gross...its just biology folks, :P ) there are repercussions of entering new places, even while being cautious. I brush my teeth with bottled water, and eat tentatively. but the moral is: there is only so much you can do. so, drink more (safe) water to rehydrate when rapidly and frequently losing EVERYTHING INTERNAL!!!!! hehe

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