Thursday, May 12, 2011

Departing for India

What is the difference between nerves and excitement? fear, worry and anxiousness. Since I am very much void of those, that means there is absolutely nothing to make me bite my nails or want to pace like an distraught race horse.

There's been check lists, and more lists. and some even got crossed off! there's been frantic packing and sitting on the floor contemplating a very small carry on bag. Now it is time to go :)

I was not supposed to leave until monday... and for a me with a plan to lean on, moving kick off time... made getting ready go change from a light storm into something like a tornado.

Wish me luck! I'm camping out in airports all day long. with some page turning books (not what i had in mind when i said I couldnt wait for summer so i could read non -academic books...but i'll take it)

stalking (praying for!) a seat on those planes!

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