Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 23 -Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel!

Vatican Museum!

If visiting said museum, call ahead and make reservations or whatever. Because the line that we cruised past was RIDICULOUS! Piling up halfway around the building. And the inside was madness with how crowded it was ! not only teens and school groups everywhere, just people. Everywhere! Which is not so bad, until we were funneled into the (I believe somewhere said 3 miles of hallways and corridors)

Cool rooms…hands down the Egyptian collection. The mummy lady STILL HAD HER FINGERNAILS!! And she was a couple thousand years old!!! Paint on the sarcophagi was still detailed and vivid. The Egyptians were incredible.

There were Etruscan artifacts, greek pottery (looked just like the ones in Hercules, the Disney cartoon) and sculptures galore! (including some well known classics)

Something to note, some famous dude’s bathtub was there..made of porphyry..a red marble with no known natural source left. It is used in a lot of alter pieces in churches around Rome. Anyways, I informed Jill that I would bring that back and make it my personal bathtub..with bubbles incorporated as well! (it Is on a stand a couple feet in the air and could pass as a Jacuzzi with jets installed. )

Low point: when everyone was funneled into these hallways and we greatly resembled herded cattle *moo* with all the jostling and bumping.

SO WORTH IT THOUGH. Because the mass crowds all dumped into the “holding pen” in the SISTINE CHAPEL!! I could have cared less about the (annoying) amounts of people. And I was strangely grateful for the museum staff who would give frequent loud “sshhhh’s” or come on a speaker and say in 3 languages to please keep a respectful tone and take no photography or use video cameras. (not that it did any good in stopping the hordes from continuing their “filmed” documentations. ) So I just kind of anchored myself in a spot and craned my head back so I could see the masterpiece above my head. Michelangelo may have thought painting was for women..but he did it exquisitely! The man was such a proportional genius! In how the layout makes the flat ceiling have depth and life… and how their size was accurate, even from the ground. The genesis story unfolds directly overhead…with the famous outreaching hands of God and Adam. The prophets are posed on all sides of the ceiling with their arching bodies and flowing cloaks. The Judgment scene was painted upon the whole wall, with Christ Jesus at the top and familiar figures of mythology at the bottom (the river in hades and it’s guardians). Okay..shutting up about that. Needless to say, I was a bit giddy standing there.

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  1. hahaha i love you....the "famous dude", I'm pretty sure, was the emperor Nero :)