Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saturday, march 20th

Oh my goodness!! Actually got to sleep in! I didn’t have a bus to catch and got to wake up, and sit down while sipping on my tea and toast (with strawberry, raspberry, or peach) jam. Susie and Francois took me around Cambridge. I wish I could have spent more time here actually.. (don’t ask me where such time would materialize from) It was like a certainly a college town feel..only not like the ones here…

They showed me Emmanuel College (where he is the head chef) and showed me around the tiny campus and explained how it worked! It is SUCH a difference from here. The dinning hall, set up..gardens and small pond (that is common for most of the campuses there in Cambridge) There’s only like 600 students, and there is hierarchy system of professors, fellows (like, really distinguished alumni?), the President, dean of students etc. I will not explain all the things they told me about here…because I will seriously botch it up.

I really enjoyed just the few hours I got to walk around Cambridge with those two, they both explained things so thoroughly and answered my questions patiently.

Plus I got to see a lot or colleges AND hear what they were about/how they worked and all.. some of those gardens and such ROCKED.

Also the kings college has a church, that is lovely and intricate goth on the outside, and the inside had a high arched ceiling, lined with intricate pieces and slivers of stain glass all the way to the top. It wasn’t sunny outside, or else the whole inside would have been dancing with light.

They drove me (I still got in on the wrong side of the car, since they drive on the opposite “wrong” side of the road) to the train station (so I could get to the airport). I had wanted to go to the cemetery nearby with American soldiers buried there… but we ran out of time.

And I really doubt I could have handled it anyways.

I got the right ticket I needed and arrived early enough to catch an even earlier train! *begrudging thoughts* I really didn’t want to go. Saying goodbye to the pair was honestly really difficult. Not that I was reluctant to return to Rome and the city. It was just so wonderful to be supported with such love and care. (not just there in London, but Switzerland too) a home to return to and leftovers to heat up.

So I sat on the train, wrinkling my nose and face in different directions trying to avoid tears.

A few parting comments from England:

1. I have nearly mastered going to the bathroom in moving transportation such as (but not limited to) buses and trains. This does not sound like a feat until one is in the back of said vehicle while it is in motion, rocking, swaying or jolting through traffic.

2. I did buy tea!

3. The men really and truly are attractive (with their accents as well) ((sorry, shallow observation))

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