Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, March 15th-last day in Switzerland

Morning was as God intended. Peaceful. Slow. Easy going. I woke up early, even just to re-locate to the sunny living room downstairs. Milk! (fresh! Rather delicious. Extremely healthy) for my cereal. And jam on the (also fresh) bread. Some goats cheese on the bread as well! An expresso with foamed milk (I’m learning how to do that!).
Monica, her oldest and very awesome daughter, took me into Zurich for the day. It was just a 45 minute drive, bought a bus pass, and headed into the center  I didn’t really notice any difference at first in the architecture or anything. But after walking around a bit, I began to see the little details. The outer fa├žade of most of the churches were really similar. [I kind of launched into details on each of the churches I visited real quick in my journal…] The highlights: Fraumunster church had stained glass by Marc Chagall. I knew this guy was the real deal, but I did not realize how impressive it was! The day was slightly overcast, but when you walked into the chapel with the 5, tall, windows..the colors (green, blue, red, yellow) lept to life from the walls. Each window depicted something different –the old testament, prophets, new testament. In a colorful blend of pieces of vivid color.
The bridge over the river…walking across you could look down one direction and see the town, bridges, and copper green church steeples. Turning your head and looking the other way for the river to open into the lake with the mountains on the opposite shore.
Also, the St. Peter’s there with an a clock face of 8.7 meters in diameter…the largest in Europe!
The insides of all the churches were very similar, with their high ceilings and plain interiors. But each was different too, in subtle ways. Some short and squat, others narrow and lean. Some with small, deep windows, others had tall and shallow ones.

For lunch, I had a pretzel sandwich!!! It was a brie like type French cheese on it, and was delicious! Also got a (still hot) pretzel with sunflower seeds sprinkled on it!!! And when I say sprinkled I mean covered!

After we returned home, after a short time to chill and grab a snack, I decided to go for a run before dinner! Ended up going the entire way to the lake again and bought some chocolate-s pastries for dessert my last dinner there to thank them. The whole run there it rained on and off, and then the whole way back it rained as well (more on than off, and there was some snowy pieces in the rain as well) And that hill that I had followed the whoooooole way down…I had to run…and by this I mean walk as well.. All. The way. Back up! Which wouldn’t be a problem…if all of one’s appendages wernt soaked and slightly chilled. (also since I havnt really run many hills at all while in rome…it’s really kinda flat besides the 7 big ones) It was really lovely in the rain though, the earth smelled like it was welcoming spring. And the sound of the rain on the leaves was like home, soft and soothing.
As I was huffing and puffing up the last “bit” of the hill, I suddenly emerged from the shadows of the trees into a field where the sun was low in the sky on the right…sending out brilliant rays across the earth before leaving it. The light turned the trees to gold and the damp air was filled with the inescapable pale yellow that streamed from the orb. To my left, the dark, heavy, rain clouds scurried away. I glanced up, and saw a rainbow almost directly over my head!! It ended in the field to my left..right in the center of it! Then it arched into the air, over the trees and disappeared amidst them. Each and every color was vibrant and clear. I wanted to run into the center of the field, and stand inside the base of the colored arch. But as I kept walking…I realized the fables of fools gold were true. Not in the sense that any pots or leprechauns appeared (though that would be appreciated… ) but that the very nature of the rainbow is the reflection of light off of moisture in the air and back to your eye. So when you move, or the angle of the light and moisture changes….so does its location. (though I’m sure that’s not a real science reason…it was the one I came up with in that moment)
I don’t care how old I am supposed to be. The first thoughts that went fluttering around my head were all of a prince astride horse (or unicorn..whichever) galloping to come get me. Or any form of true love. I thought of Neverland, and wondered what it would be like to go down the curve of the rainbow like a slide. Maybe it was lack of oxygen but my imagination went skipping and dancing about and I practically bounced back to the house. It ended up taking me a couple hours total, with all the uphill striding. So worth it 
Dinner was of course good! Part of dessert was ripe kiwi from the cellar, pureed and then drenching a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And the chocolate esses were perfect, cunchy on the outside, and still soft chocolate on the inside!!! Practically warm. Twas perfect. (and they even stayed in relatively good condition despite the long jog back) I was really sad though, that it would be my last evening in Switzerland. It was so relaxing and healing being there. Getting to take it easy and be curled up next to the wood stove. It was almost like being at the lake house at Canadohta…
However, after the rest and love and care...I was ready for the next adventure!

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