Monday, March 22, 2010

friday march 12-first day of spring break (switzerland)

Departing from Rome a bit later then I wanted (but you got to take the cheap flights you can get). Turned out to be nearly a good thing..except for the fact that it gave me the extra time to get organized and oh, mildly freak out.

Like the morning of leaving was serious panic mode. Complete with pacing and needing deep healing breaths. Also that scary rushing feeling (that mom says is common her hyper/hypo thyroid) that makes me feel like tearing off my jackets and running on top of the roof screaming out all the billion of thoughts worries and fears streaming Live in my head. (like finals with dr. sas)

Kristin prayed with me, which helped calm me down. It was really just the whole figuring out my way through the airport, then having to find out the bus ticket place, then get to the right gate in time. And make it to the right place for my bus transfer… then get in contact with Ursula in swtizerland. Which is rather daunting. Especially when it is a great comfort to have a Jilly-bean friend to check your decision making and spot you when you’re a little baffled of just confused…

Left for the airport an hour and a half earlier than intended (9:05) because of a strike of the bus workers union. It started at 9:30..and I had to get to termini/train station for the airport. Technically could have walked.. but with a big back pack and all that road space to panic..yeah, just peaced out early with a book in hand.

The airport included following the sign for practically the entire premises of the terminals (it seemed). But I made it! After conferring with a Frenchman on where to find the gate… Then I settled in for a 2 and a half hour wait. Boarded the plane at 1:20 (13:20). Settled into a window seat. Short hour flight later…I could see the alp mountains from the plane window. And yes, I plastered my face to that teeny window and looked at those snow capped mountains, and the little clusters of houses amidst those rocks, or perched on the ridges. The lake (Geneva??) that filled up the space between the mountains, and from up there it looked like a navy blue piece of glass.

Landed and struck out purposefully to find a bus ticket to Wienfelden. Talked to an (English speaking!) woman at a ticket booth..who pointed me in the direction of the bus. Confronted a ticket booth for the bus that would take me to the train station…I think? So I asked a nice looking gentleman in a grey suit. He helped me get the first ticket and told me he would take me to where I could get the train ticket. So I followed him to a booth where he helped me put in the information and print out the ticket.. he pointed out which board to read and how, then told me to go with him up an escalator and at the top pointed at the gate I needed to go down. This all sounds simplistic. And I could have figured it out…eventually. But it sure was wonderful for a nice someone to just help me get where I needed to be.

Safely on the train, sat across from a man originally from Germany who is a professor in Switzerland. And then I dozed off for a little bit (since I was transferring at the end of the line, it was safe) had a 20 min. wait at the station at Zurich. Finally arrived just after then sun set over the landscape that was rushing past my window. I was just a little green from the constant motion of the day. I bounced from the train with my stuff backpack and running shoes swinging from where I had tied them onto the side. Luckily Ursula found me (despite the text that did NOT go through) and she took me to her warm and cozy house, on the edge of a field in a little town called Engwilen

Met her awesome daughter, Nora. And a friend of hers, Erika, who was staying there as well.Dinner was good, and my room was even more good though! Top floor (with a surprising lack of heat rising…which was unfortunate).

Just in case I was feeling lonely..i had a room-mate. I met him as he came sprinting across the wooden floor. On all eight legs!

It was not a cute roomie. It was a rather large spider. and of course I couldn’t not kill him because all shoes were downstairs. And I needed a boot.

So OF COURSE I couldn’t sleep. So I watched some more Gilmore girls. Then realized I would have to close my eyes and sleep someday. Decided to give my room-mate (then location unknown) a name to make him less fearsome. YoodlEEK. (because in Switzerland we yoodle..and while doing so I was cut off with an “eek” of fear). Don’ t judge it was very late at night when we were acquainted.

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