Thursday, March 11, 2010

FLorence!..CIty of Flowers...March 5th Friday…

Okay, lucky these next few posts HAVE TO be short. Because I’m on a time crunch here folks!!

Main highlights:

Traveling in a group! Adds a different dimension with everyone (good and bad..mostly good!)

Aaaaand all we have to do is stick together and follow Kirstin (the director) to get to our trains. She tells us the times…she booked the trains…we hop on the bus they say… really, it is not underappreciated anymore how fantastic this aspect is?!

First day…

To the gallery of acadamia to see Michelangelo’s David! In the museum, once u walk in, you round a bend and there is David standing in a large area under a dome, with natural light filtering in around him to expose the marble and all the details that were chiseled into the stone. I loved it. Walking around, mouth a little a-gap…because I just had to put into perspective how Michelangelo took a block of (imperfect) marble and created this form of man. His shoulder muscles, the toes, the curve of his spine, the veins in the arms.

I discovered that the right hand was created bigger not only so that when seen far below on the ground (as intended) it would be proportional looking. But also because it is the hand holding the sling..and the bigger hand is to represent God’s hand being involved in throwing the stone that killed Goliath.

Next to the Dumo…much like Siena’s on the outside with the different colored marble and gothic façade. But inside it was a good deal more plain and simple. Though still had that high ceiling and buttresses. Simple, though it facilitated an attitude of prayer and worship.

The Baptistery was ridiculously amazing! The whole entire Dome was mosaic!!!!!!! With the judgement day on one SIDE of the ceiling! (including satan’s three heads chewing on the three sinners of betrayal)..where Dante got his inspiration from!!!!

There were, in a circle different stories. on the top circle were archangels. Then the next circle down (circling along the u had to be looking up and slowly in a circle ) Jill and I, with growing aches and a serious “crick” in the neck… figured out the stories each image had. First the top with stories from genesis, then Jesus’ birth and death (v. little in between) and finally the story of John the Baptist… since it is, literally “St. John’s Baptistry” (he is the saint of Florence).

That evening, after dinner and some thawing at the hotel…. A few of us went to a pub nearby to listen to some music. It was three players… two guitars and an upright base. One guitar did jazz style, the other a gypsy sort of higher pitched thing, with very unique chord progressions. It felt like we left early (we were falling asleep into our arms practically) but I absolutely loved that Gypsy jazz sound!!! I can’t even describe it. You wanted to dance a little, while at the same time part you wanted to take off your shoes and curl up in a blanket while listening. Part of you wanted to shout and cheer, when the other part wanted to think of things, and talk life over with friends.

I wish I could describe the sound better…it really was chill and awesome! slept great too!!!!

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