Monday, March 1, 2010

a few pictures from Siena...just a few though

This pic with the people in white is inside that little rice ball, fritelle stand. Notice the big cauldrons inthe back? that's where they fry it..just a few minutes so the outside is a little crunchy..but not greasy tasting. If you can see the man with the hand on his hip is holding a flat looking plate in his other hand? thats where they would scoop off the batter, while spinning it to get a sphere. then taken from the rack and sprinkled with just alittle sugar before paper folded into a type of bag for you! the inside was a hot, thick, rice pudding. with that crunchy sweet outside... and they were so very good!

Inside of the duomo with the blackand white marble..the dome itself didn't make it into the camera. the other is piazza campo..from the top of that tower.

The Duomo is the black and white building...this was taken from across the street..I am the little person close to the door...
and the other is St. Catherine's cathedral.... the one that was freeeezing inside..
The flags are from inside a contrade!
the pic of me is next to a statue of a unicorn for that contrade.

This tall tower is at Il campo..the other is the half of the piazza that I could fit into the picture. Imaging horse races around this!!!

Me with the outlook from that fortress we found! See that church in the far off distance on the left? that's the Duomo!!. The three of us (becky, Jill and me) in the hotel charting out what we wanted to see...and what was open..and how to get there! the last pic is us in front of the hotel sign. Don't be fooled by the glowing light and shady was a good place. clean. spacious, very nice!

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