Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday, Feb 2 (Happy Groundhog day)

Morning discussion. it's response to what was read or assigned for the week... very chill. (literaly, the heat in the WHOLE building stopped working this morning!) When I got back from a run, Jill (room mate) was like.. no warm water for showers! I won't even pretend like I thought about risking my existance under icy water just soap off. Did not even cross my mind.
Luckily there was a fix it man nearby and within a few hours the radiators were back in business.

Sunny day out! Still chilly, but after lunch (little packaged raviolli Jill and I split with flavorfull pesto and melted mozerella cheese on top!!!) went out onto the patio type thing where the laundry of the day was hung to dry. In a lawn chair, sat down under the big blue sky and that warming sun and pretended to get some reading done. Kept getting distracted by the scenery. and by this I dont mean the people or the t-shirts. From the patio you overlook the garden to the left, with little trails, fully grown trees, little plants and I think a bridge to the left (all inside the walls) and to the right the appartments nearby, the many wires and satelite..things.. on the rooftops. It seems on every patio, balcony, small out door space that people here have, there are chairs and flowers and green plants outside. (memo to self: try to take picture to post)

We were going to return to St. peter's square (yeah, didnt know it was a square, esp cuz the pillars shape an elipse type oval bit... to represent the arms of the church around you i think???) and go into the Basilica. However, we missed the memo that brothers and sisters (a LOT of sisters) were coming for a gathering of sharing of...something...i'm sorry wish I knew more.. to hear and see the Pope speak in the church! the line wrapped the whole way around the edge of the inside of the square. We managed to get a few tickets, so a few people in the group went inside. I was making dinner and honestly, feel slightly oblivious to the rituals and proceedures. (I would have most CERTAINLY gone, but with limited supply..was fine with others going instead :)
Dinner was a success!! thanks to a couple other members in the four person cooking group..I layed out the pans, handed the sauce and peeled off slices of cheese, and kept the noodles from boiling. woohooo!

Afterwards..Gelato with jill and jason! the man behind the counter who served us spoke english...but we (attempted) the italian anyways. Well, for the basics.. bless him lol
got Bacio and Pistacio flavor:) the pistacio was REAL tasting..and amazing! unlike any lame-o fake flavor around here. Like, bit into a whole pistacio nut!
Bacio is a light chocolate taste with lots of hazelnut flavor. and actual nuts in the gelato

My new favorite word is Bacio! it means Kiss :)

"Travel is more than seeing sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permenant, in the ideas of living" ~pico Iyer

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  1. Love the group photo in front of the Vatican!

    There's nothing like Rome, when you're surrounded with a feeling of ancient permanence. It makes you realize how young our country feels.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your time so far!