Monday, February 8, 2010

THURSDAY (eek, behind i know)

Watched Cabiria in cinema class. it's a 3 hour long silent black and white film that was made in 1914. Not that bad, all things considering. Long. Dramatic. but easy to talk during...
that evening, the girls went out to eat at a pizzaria just down the street. Most restaurants do not open for dinner until 7pm. Have not adjusted to that completely we showed up promptly at 7:10 (trying to stall for time so as not to apear rude over anxious). Our lovely group were second to arrive.
A little older man, with neatly combed white hair and dressed very nicely was standing and greeted us. I'm assuming he was the owner..and spoke absolutly no english. We all smiled and were led to our seats by a english fluent waiter.
Dinner: thin crust pizza with buffalo milk cheese on top. *sighs with happpiness* I think it was a bit saltier tasting. but honestly, hard to tell. i will simply have to sample again once my taste is more cultivated.
Afterwards five of the girls (so all but two) went to the City Center. We used the buses this time..

Note: first time on the metro was the other day. Moment to describe? There was really nothing exceptional about it (like Moscow: the subway system had,in my unknowing opinion, some pretty nice architecture) except that when the subway pulled up it was so graffetied and painted that there was no original metal showing, all colors and shapes and designed in a blur that came speeding to the stop. We all shuffled on, smushed our way amidst people and help on tight to the nearest poll or bar. After several stops and several THOUSAND more people joined... Jill couldnt reach a bar to stablize herself, and had one hand in her pocket on her camera, the other holding a bag. I white knuckled it on the bar and wrapped an arm tight around her waist, so with each jerking and jolting start and stop we both managed to stay upright, instead of her hurtling into the mass of strange people (possibly never to be recovered, being so short in height). my theme song for that moment: "I'm Your Man"

Anyways, back to thursday night. We took the bus to the Colosseum. It was lit up, so all the arches and curves stood out in the night. I almost liked it better at didnt look like just another old building, but instead came to life with the shadows lurking behind the open arches...while those many arches seemed more noticable with the spotlights.
I wanted to grab a good friend, and sit on the giant curb nearby and talk about all its many great, confusing, happy, strange aspects. With a drink in hand (cappachino? or Corretta...expresso and liquor) or perhaps simply gelato! while staring at that big, crumbling...yet unyielding building.

Leaving there, we walked back to Victor Emmanual's monument, then to the Trevi fountain. I will never get tired at looking at these buildings. It was still crowded there, despite the later hour and the dark. I noticed like twelve billion more details. The rocks and sea shells, the sculptled horses hooves and dredlocked manes.
The lights that illuminated the fountain also went streaming through the rest of the pool's clear water.
Needless to say, if there was ever no one around...without hesitation I would go skinny dipping in the Trevi fountain!

(ps: don't worry. that will never happen. there's always tourists around)
(pps: dangit!)

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