Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 7th

Went to a english speaking service at the Roman Baptist church Kristen (the director of our clan) goes to. I have never been to a Roman Baptist church at home, so i really have nothing to compare it to.

But the chapel was pretty small...yet absolutly full of people :) lots of kids too..which for some reason made it just that much better.

and the hymms! were the same ones we sing in the Big ol' hymnal back home for early *yawns* traditional service. the ones i remember when i was short...-er... so it felt a little bit like home. Only, the pianist did a great job and all... but it wasn't like Beth Wehr plays it, nor her pretty face. And a tiny little lady greeted us at the door... not Rob Wehr with a hand warmer for cold days and a big busy mustache.

well, all the reading assignments are pile-ing up. The Aeneid!!! (which has a bunch of similarities to the Odessey!!! :) and Culture book..with a couple pages of response. the roman art and culture book. and a 3 page (double spaced) review of the movie we watched. Been working on them, but will never find it obscenely painful or stressful. It's in english. It's not science. I understand it. and I'm a pro BS-er at papers (thank you AP english). *happy sigh* what a wonderful semester class schedule!!!! still....don't let me change my major when i get back!

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