Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 13th

So about that last post...sorry the pics are all out of order with the referencing. But I'm hoping with a little big of guessing it won't be too hard to figure out which picture is what description...

Saturday I dragged my tired rear end out of bed (8 hours total yesterday of trains and buses... just a smidge glazed) and met up with one of the people from the Rome Baptist church (that we attended sunday as a group, and went to tuesday for the english classes) and we went to the church/kitchen set up where the meals were being made for the Afghan refugees. Down a little ally, in a nook at the green painted door (bottom buzzer!! or else they won't hear!)

It was a tiny kitchen, with a little stove the required pots to be artfully placed to get full surface use. two women (both names elizabeth) were in charge organizing and cooking. Rice, lintles, and a vegetable mix. The way they worked together was amazing...i mean, they have been doing it for a while...but honestly it was seamless. There wasnt one in charge over the other, both shared ideas, comments, suggestions, questioning, checking each other. Role models for real.

I felt a little inept you know? trying to cut onions quickly (until my eyes stung and watered so much that i just took it slow). Did dishes, handed things when asked...basically desperately attempting to be more of a help than a hinderance.

Took a break while things were cooking with a couple people and went across the road to a caffe where i had a divine cappaccino..with foam on top. It was strong and great by itself. but add 3/4 a packet of suger and let me say..I'm ruined for life. There will be no returning home after this experience with coffee. Also got a little breakfast "pasta con cioccolato" which is like a pastry with cholocate in it. Only it's fresh and the sugary flakes that make it melt in your mouth like a dessert.
Every morning should start just so.

To the park to distribute the food... all men (I stuck like glue to one of the church friend's side. Apologized, thankfully he was totally cool about it, saying he remembered what it was like his first time).
I passed out spoons and napkins. each person said thank you (mostly in italian, but some in english) it didnt feel like much. It didnt feel like much in the slightest. There was so much more need present then what was being met. and there was nothing else left to be done, not by me.
I don't know where the refugees came from or where they stayed, or where they returned to following the food distribution. I don't know how this system is set up. I don't know the "plan". but it seems a little bit flawed

Before leaving Elizabeth gave me a great big hug. you know, just like a best-friend's mom or your aunt would give you, or a sunday school or piano teacher.. both arms and a big squeeze :) She asked me how I was doing, processing it all... and shared that I shouldnt feel guilty, it's something they all struggle with. We can't feel bad for them, because that wont make things any better for anybody and will just make us feel worse. So we simply have to remind ourselves that we are doing what we can. (God has the power). Stellar.

For Valentine's day the whole group of us got dressed up and went out to the Hard Rock Cafe a Roma! It was ridiculously expensive. 14,75 euros for a hamburger (that's like $20 something) psh. I am not missing burgers that badly (YET). so I got the maccaroni with 4 cheeses. :) needless to say... if mac and cheese had that sort of would not be restricted to the kraft brand at shop n' save.
Some went out afterwards, just to relax and keep hanging. Ended up being a really fun, chill evening. Not too shabby considering about half the group were moping around because of our valentine's being back home... **blows kiss**

the group pic from left to right is Frank/Willie, Jill Miser, Moi, Becky Ainsworth and Monica Miller. then there was the "stain glass" of none other than The King or Rock and Roll. and the darker pic is the three amici..three friends. Becky, moi, and Jill :) ohh..and yeah.. that is the new shirt! ...We had an hour to wait before getting a seat. lots of photo posing and bulbs flashing.

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