Tuesday, February 2, 2010

monday, Feb 1st-first day of classes

FIRST DAY OF CLASSES WITHOUT A SINGLE SCIENCE OR HIDIOUSLY LONG FOUR HOUR LAB!! dear friends, pleasssssse don't let me switch majors when I get back.

Humanities class, just intro stuff, outlaying what we would be doing. projects, painints, history :) I dig. only small problem. the rom was absolutly freezing. We have class on the bottom floor (the stairwell is not heated. Not even a little) it's a lovely little classroom. A tiny white board and a projector. There are multiple windows on every wall, with light diaphonous curtains. So it was all sunny and happy feeling.
Only unhappy feeling was that the heat never turned on in the room. the class was like, two hours long I think. Luckily I got there early enough I grabbed one of the many blankets from my bed and survived. Would have been miserable otherwise. you could see your breath, and the marble floor did nothing but soak up any body heat (through ones shoes).

Grocery shopping again today. Need to bugdet my food costs. Bought honey and nutella and crackers (still have greens and crackers and cheese) for snacks and lunches.

Running this morning :) I have redefined the meaning of "lost"... though brief i have decided it means "confusion as to your placement in the world in reletivity as to where you are intending to be or trying to get to"... my sense of direction (big suprise there) had me about two blocks over and three blocks down from where I was aiming. But i am learning a lot, trusted my intuition, and was able to funcitonly converse with a nice italian lady. plus, I will be even less likely to get lost on the street again, and saw some really sweet buildings on the way!

First italian class was amazing. never wanted to leave, it was so interesting. the teacher's name is Lucy. I love lucy!!!! it's true!! she hardly used english (but when she did it was very clear) ennunciated all the hard words. Was very patient. and very clear. and very very fast paced. Eeek. I have managed to remember nearly all the spanish i learned in the 2 semesters i took it, and keep thinking of all the french words I manage to remember and could use. During the class i think I spoke more of those two languages than acual italian hahaha.
anyways she was short sized, very expressive (kind of reminded me of my mom in some of these ways) super friendly! but intimidating at the same time lol. And when she talked to you, she was about an inch and a half from your face. I didnt even notice i was leaning away at first, and had to consciously NOT. I didnt realize I had a bubble space around me again! well, that will have to go, pronto.
I can successfully introduce myself, talk about where i'm from, what my name is, where I'm studing, and what college I'm at, and how I'm doing today.. With my notebook in front of me of course!
Arrivederci (goodbye :) or arrivederla!!

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