Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The whole group went out to eat at a place recommended being cheap and tasty by travel guru, Rick Steve's. It was nice, right near the Pantheon... and very spacious and large inside. which is rare, very rare. They had great salades, huge sandwhiches (hmm, suspicion..havnt seen those in a while) I just got a Corretto (expresso with a drop of..something that tasted like black liquorice) but a couple girls in the group couldnt finish their sandwhiches. The walls had all sorts of sport teams flags or signs or whatever up on the wall. it was a nice and almost home like. As guests, we each got a little half glass of sparkling strawberry wine. Very sweet. Very summertime!

After we broke up into smaller groups and went shopping. Okay, I had zero intention of buying anything in the center... unless some article or shoe or piece of jewlery was screaming my name..and i wanted to be screamed at in Italian. I swear, if someone read my thoughts and saw my actions: the laughter would never cease. After cruising through a few stores, we were strolling on the narrow sidewalk (store fronts on one side,cars and buses a scarce 3.4 ft away. ish) when I stopped and backstepped. There was no magical italian draw, but certainly cute!! (and not tooo expensive) and Jill suggesting to try it on. You know me, not about to argue with the roomie!

{if you do not care about fashion, a description of what i bought or the purchasing process (and i really can't blame youif that's so)..SKIP AHEAD TWO PARAGRAPHS.}

It's a ultra soft, light fabric,with italian stitched on the tag.Long shirt that can be used as a dress thing with leggings without looking skanky. Long sleeves, but easy to push up(not clingy or heavy) . Baggy in the upper arms and shoulders, making it drape nicely. Can't really descibe, but sort of horizontal cut V down the front and back, with a weaving tie that strings together the gaps. Deff suited my style (whatever that is) Casual, but could be dressed up with some high heels ;) I have seen the style start up in the U.S. (in high end stores, and Inked..) and I liked it there too, Not commonly found, and (even with the conversion rate) more expensive back home. [sorry for that long attempt at fashion description: it's for the Chic and inquisitive friends]
oh, I don't usually say this about myself.... but when I tried it on.. i looked pretty darn good!!! So i debated it, thought of pros and cons, talking it out with the logical and patient St. Jill.

[The whole time the lady who worked there was giving me leggings to try on, looping a belt around my waist, helping me into sweaters.*sighs* if-only-i-had-lots-and-lots-of-money ..i would buy lots of cute, pretty, soft clothes...but in all honesty, i know prob wouldnt. too many wells i want to dig in africa. A girl can dream hypothetically though]
see? this is why i don't shop. think way too much.
Bought the shirt!:) and headed triumphantly "home"

Later at night, a group of us went out to find an area in the city known to be our age group friendly. We got a little dressed up, me in low heels (bought to keep me from killing myself on the cobblestone roads) Lord bless the girls in the group who (looking fabulous) had on the high, skinny heels. I nearly fell 10 times and have no idea how they managed. one girl walked out of hers 3 times when they got caught in cracks)
The group got rather lost. and by that i mean, walked from Victor Emmanuals memorial to the bridge across the Vatican, and threw in a few circles there. (about an hour and a half).It was raining. It was chilly. Morale was just a bit low.
Finally made it to destination, and despite it being late, the crowds were just arriving it seemed. Wefound a nice restaurant and sat outside under the plastic tent set up (with warm gas type heating poles placed wonderfully around). Food was welcomed by our footsore, damp, and chilled group...even the guys... I got a little dessert type drink, clinking glasses in a toast all around :) and relaxed while we chattered away.

On our way back,we took a bus to Termini... discovering,much to your dismay... there were no more buses running to Nomentana after midnight! (it was minutes after) A couple of the guys, "needing" the bathroom broke off from the group, the rest of us picked a homeward-ish direction to start walking. Two stops later, asking "Di Dove sei (Where is)..via nomentana" and following the vague gesturing...after a few blocks i started to recognize a few things!! from the bus and from running (finally being useful!). I am just glad they trusted me enough on a few of the questionable turns. I shamelessly broke into a mini victory dance when we found porta pia.. a marker for the street where we live.
Standing at the last bus stop, we waited for the very last bus of the evening to take us back. (the poor guys didnt make it had to walk to the whole way back from termini. estimated time on foot: about an hour?) We finally arrived at the convent, bedraggled and tired. And (now home and thawing) we were able to find the humor in the evenings wanderings. The story will be laughed over and recounted at the lunch table, despite the great frustrations and discomfort people had, because the whole ordeal was so dissapointing and turned just has to laugh!!! Though, even with a bloody blister, i couldnt stop chuckling to myself the whole time.

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