Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Departure W00t!

I have somehow managed to fit three months of clothes and necessary supplies into one checked in suitcase and two carry ons. This feat largly atributed to my mother's backpacking skills. she looked like mary poppins loading her apartment into one suitcase. Thus the disaster compiled in my room shrunk into the required size.

There are the nerves, but now those tremors of excitement have struck a chord in me. (listen,the sound of adventure! excitment! exploration!) okay, I'm a little sleep deprived. Gaurenteed to zonk on the 8hr flight though.

We gathered after checking in our tickets, chatting with parents..and (lucky for me) an AWESOME friend of mine who came to see her (also awesome) brother depart. Not that it matters, but it brightens up the wait.

Current location with the other 9 students (before meeting up with the remaining 3 at the connection): Pittsburgh Airport. Flying United to Dulles, Washington. Anticipating leaving

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