Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2

Woke up after twelve and a half hours of sleep feeling wayyyyy more human. like, from the planet.
Freshly delivered bread with jam and yogurt :)
meeting to talk about what was here how the classes would be blah blah blah (this the point where my body realized it was three in the morning back home!!!)

Went to the grocery store to buy supplies for lunch and some snack (most especially chocolate!)
and cheese! fresco. fresh! Provelone and another one, Montasio. Also huge bushel of greens that I inadvertantly touched and therefore was culturaly expected to buy Cime De Rata.. a very flavourful salad looking green :) If I get tired of it with our olive oil or balsamic Vinegrete, I'll just fry it up with some garlic and carrot slices and that will be just goooood!

after dinner and dessert (carrot based sweet type crackers and NUTELLA!!! which is a staple like peanut butter..only, way more satisfying to the soul)

After dinner a group of us went out walking. Came back in plenty of time, because long day the next day...and a few people in the group wanted to try and get back so not totally dead.
Got to see a monument (don't know the name yet..) the Italian solders i assumed. And huddled under an awning outside a lingere shop met a Italian law student who talked with the group of damp, non italian speaking Americans. Very cool. He said he loved America, it's a beautiful country.. but he did not like the food at all. Can't blame him one little bit.

Went to Bar Zeus to get dry. That's all I will say online about that.

Then the whole group trecked back, waiting for green walking lights to go. which is very wise to NOT jay walk since Rome is a city FULL of tiny itty bity smart cars and motor bikes that go zooming about.

Currenly under one of my four blankets that are on my bed down the hall retrieving internet.
Buona Notte! Goodnight <3


  1. sounds like Italia is a lot of fun

  2. Stay away from Bar Zeus please...

  3. Hello My Anna!
    Your mom sent me your very cool is this??? I am so glad you made it in once piece and are enjoying the new surroundings... Get out there and dive head first into the culture...try everything!!! Miss you! Keep those blogs going! Mrs. F (R)